Open Schools Worldwide designs and develops curriculum, recruits implementation partners, and provides training, curriculum support, and monitoring and evaluation in order to licence the partner to operate Open Schools Worldwide services.

Open Schools Country Directors and/or area facilitators are responsible for identifying and recruiting implementation partners as well as facilitating the training of their tutors and monitoring their effectiveness.

Open Schools Worldwide is a Christ-centred, biblically based organization committed to responding to the educational needs of children/youth from 7 years old who are shut out of the traditional school system for reasons beyond their control.

We train volunteer tutors to use a curriculum which we have specially designed to teach these disadvantaged children literacy and numeracy, and to equip them with the equivalent of a third-grade education. The tutors meet with the children under a tree, in the shelter of a shack, on the edge of a dump … where­ ever they are found.

Using the curriculum and materials that we have developed, they provide the children with a basic education, share God’s love with them, and give them hope.

We always work together with local partners, such as schools, churches, missions, NGOs, and other like-minded organizations.

  • Offers open and free access to education

    to children who are educationally marginalized. See Who We Serve.

  • Provides instruction through our trained, local volunteers,

    committed to serve a small group of children for at least one year.

  • Encourages hope.

    Education builds self-confidence and equips children to better face the future, but our program also stresses the good news that God has not neglected them, even if society has. The program is for children of any faith. We place no pressure on them to accept Christ, but our volunteers clearly and practically demonstrate God’s love. Our program is Christ-centered and child-focused.

  • Offers needs-based literacy, mathematics, health, and life-skills teaching

    —developed especially for educationally marginalized children. Our program is fairly simple and is offered in a safe, convenient location wherever children can easily meet. Lessons are short and on a flexible timetable, arranged around their work schedules and family responsibilities. The aim is to bring children educationally to a point where they are able to enter the field of work or return to school.

  • Offers healing for traumatized children.

    The majority of our learners have faced trauma in their lives and need healing before they can even begin their learning program, so our volunteers are trained to use a biblical counseling program. Not all of their needs are educational, so we work with local partners who have the knowledge and resources to address needs in a coordinated, skilled, and appropriate manner.

Open Schools is funded by donors who have been led by God to support this important work.

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Bringing Hope Through Life-Changing Learning


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