About Us

We are committed to educationally marginalised children

Motivated by our Christian faith, we are committed to responding to the educational needs of children who are shut out of the traditional school system or are at risk of educational failure for reasons beyond their control. We aim at developing compassionate relationships and a supportive environment to overcome obstacles to learning.

We are committed to appropriate and excellent educational interventions

We create flexible, innovative strategies that are appropriate to the unique needs of the children we serve. We use media and broadcast technology for volunteer training and curriculum distribution to assure consistent and effective program delivery. Our aim is to improve the performance of the children in reading, writing, spelling, and basic mathematics with the goal of reaching grade three standard. We aim to improve their understanding and practices related to health, hygiene and social skills.

We are committed to local communities and partnerships

We partner with like-minded organizations and local community groups by training their volunteers to impact their own communities by delivering the OSWW educational program to marginalized children.

We are committed to inclusion

We serve any educationally marginalised child, aged between 7 and 18, regardless of their gender, race, colour or creed. We encourage them to increasingly participate in mainstream societal activities (i.e., church, school, community events, service to others, etc.)

Our Logo

The stick figures without arms represent children made powerless and marginalised through lack of access to appropriate education.

The tall figure represents a volunteer trained to deliver our educational interventions. The volunteer’s arms form the shape of a cross to show that they are motivated by Christ’s love.

The child figure with arms in the shape of a cross represents our aim to help the children

  • experience God’s love and compassion
  • understand they are made in God’s image and have value and worth
  • recognize that they can learn
  • be equipped for current and future educational opportunities
  • learn life skills to address emotional and social needs, and
  • experience hope

Finally OS is for Open Schools and the O surrounds the multi-coloured children to show that we serve all and desire to see them included in society and the Kingdom of God’s love.

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South Africa
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Open Schools Worldwide
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