Livingstone is a tourist town in Zambia, with Victoria Falls being one of its greatest contributors to employment and tourism. Open Schools Worldwide works at compounds in high density areas just outside the city. Many of the children there are unable to afford any formal education. Our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly, yet joyfully, to touch and transform the lives of children in these communities through our educational program at 7 villages in Livingstone.

Lusaka – Misisi Compound

Misisi Compound is a high density area in the heart of the city of Lusaka, Zambia. It doesn’t have any formal schools, but has a number of low income housing facilities, and two garbage dumps. Coal trading is one of the main business activities here. Thousands of children are marginalised and do not attend any school.

Local churches have taken on the responsibility to educate the children at Misisi Compound, which leads to overcrowding at their facilities. Many children attend church schools just so that they can receive a meal.

Open School Worldwide staff/partners care for and teach children between 5-18 years of age. A majority of them are teenage girls and boys from the streets, who are dropouts and do not know how to read and write, but have a deep desire to be educated, despite their age and social economic challenges.


Chikwawa district

Chikwawa district in south Malawi, is largely a rural district with a number of small towns. Agriculture, animal rearing, and trading are the main occupations of the community, that struggles with abject poverty.

Open Schools Worldwide works in villages where thousands of vulnerable children have either never been to school, or dropped out. We also has afternoon homework clubs for children attending formal schools.

The volunteers in Chikwawa are enthusiastic about the program and find much fulfilment in seeing the lives of the 1100+ children in our program transformed through Christian education.



Mutare is the fourth largest city in Zimbabwe. It is situated on the Eastern belt of the country, next to the Mozambique border. It is mountainous and geographically covers a large area. Many of the children attending this Open Schools Worldwide project are either orphaned, come from child-headed families, or live with sick parents. Many of these children have never attended a formal school and some of them are dropouts.


Mashvingo is one of the larger cities in Zimbabwe, situated on the south-eastern part of the country. It has many historical sites. Open Schools Worldwide works in a rural area around 14 kms from Mashvingo city centre. Nearly all the children there have never been to a formal school. Open Schools partners with a local pastor and his wife, both qualified teachers with a heart for children and transformational education, who teach faithfully at our project at Mashvingo.

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